At Source Furniture, we take pride in our skilled seamstresses and craftsmen, extensive custom capabilities, American-based full-service manufacturing facility and commitment to customer satisfaction. We offer the following warranties on our products valid from the date of purchase to the original purchaser only.


Please note that proper product care is essential for preserving your rights under this warranty. The warranty is void and fails to cover accidental damage, abuse, misuse, or normal wear and tear, including: fading, scratched or chipped finishes, weathering under normal weather conditions, staining or discoloration. Minor variations in color and texture of finishes is expected on outdoor furniture products and therefore not covered under this warranty.


Practically maintenance free, our injection-molded resin outdoor furniture is worry free from cracking or peeling for 3 years. The UV inhibitors infused with the resin, offer impressive fading and weathering performance. While not 100% free from fading, you’ll see they maintain their beauty for many years.


Our limited 1-year warranty covers all defects in workmanship against tearing or discoloration and materials on all fabric, sling and upholstered cushions, including Sunbrella® products, based on normal conditions of use. The fabric manufacturer may provide an additional 5-year warranty so please ask your Source Furniture sales representative for more details.


Our limited 2-year warranty covers all defects in workmanship and materials of all Durawood™ products based on normal conditions of use.


Our limited 3-year warranty covers all defects in workmanship and materials of any woven, resin, Duraweave™ and vinyl strap products based on normal conditions of use. Please note that vinyl strap replacement due to discoloration is at the vinyl supplier’s discretion.


Our limited 3-year warranty covers all defects in workmanship and materials on umbrella frames based on normal conditions of use. Finishes that are properly maintained are also guaranteed for three years.


Our aluminum outdoor products are coated with polyester triglycidyl isocyanurate (TGIC) powders, making them highly resistant to corrosion, chipping and flaking. We offer a limited lifetime warranty on our extruded aluminum made in the United States. If a frame or weld structurally fail, Source Furniture will asses the issue and repair or replace.


Repairs or replacements NOT authorized in writing by Source Furniture
Failure of furniture frames, parts or welds due to neglect or improper use
Normal fading, discoloration or scratching resulting from normal wear
Stretching of fabric or upholstery resulting from normal wear
Stains due to contact with, but not limited to chemicals, lotions or cleaning solutions
Non-proprietary items such as glass or tabletop surfaces, which may be warranted by their manufacturers
Freight damage if your order is delivered by a third party freight carrier as the title to the merchandise passes to the carrier and purchaser at time of shipment
Wind, fire, flood or freeze damage
Water damage within the frames


For any returns, proof of purchase is required and must be reported to Source Furniture within 2 days of shipment arrival. Warranty claims may be submitted directly to your sales representative or by contacting returns@sourcefurniture.com for customer assistance. Used items and custom orders cannot be returned. Photos of the damaged product, or inspection by a Source Furniture representative, may also be required. We will repair or replace any part of the product, or entire product, if it is defective in material or workmanship. The repair or replacement will be made at no cost to you, other than your cost for shipping to and from our facility on warranty items. For authorized returns, a restocking fee of 20% will apply on approved returns and must be returned freight prepaid. Please note that approved returns will be repaired or refinished in the original color and style if available; a similar color and style will be offered if the original has been discontinued. Failure to return requested defective product will result in forfeiture of any credit.


Source Furniture warrants that, if the finish peels, cracks or blisters within three years, Source Furniture will repair, refinish or replace the frame at manufacturer’s discretion (with same or similar product if discontinued) at no charge. From time to time there may be minor variations in color and texture of finishes. THIS WARRANTY SPECIFICALLY DOES NOT COVER SUCH MINOR VARIATIONS IN COLOR AND TEXTURE OF FINISHES. THIS WARRANTY MAY OR MAY NOT INCLUDE OUR IMPORTED PRODUCTS.


1. Source Furniture recommends that powder coated finished products located less than 1000 feet from the seashore (salt water) be systematically fresh water rinsed (at least bi annually), so as to prevent the accumulation of salt deposits.
2. This will not apply to damage to and/or failure of the metal caused by: moisture or other contamination detrimental to metal the because of improper packaging, storage or handling of the coated metal / aluminum prior to installation by the customer; scratching or abrading of the metal during or after installation by the customer; standing or ponding water; improper cleaning and/or pretreatment of the metal; corrosion of the metal substrate; or acts of God, falling objects, explosions, fire, or other such similar or dissimilar occurrences beyond Source Furniture’s control.
3. Source Furniture’s exclusive liability and the customer’s sole remedy under this warranty, or otherwise, shall be limited to, at Source Furniture’s option, the refinishing, replacing, or refurbishing of the powder coat finish of the defective metal. Such refinishing shall be performed by Source Furniture or Source Furniture’s approved contractor, using standard powder coating finishing practices and materials as selected and/or approved by Source Furniture. Source Furniture reserves the right to approve any contract for such refinishing or replacing; such approval not to be unreasonably delayed or withheld. The Powder Coating Warranty on any refinished or replaced coated metal shall be only for the remainder of the Powder Coating Warranty period applicable to the metal originally coated. In no event shall Source Furniture be liable under any theory of recovery, whether based on negligence of any kind, strict liability or tort, for any direct, indirect, special, punitive, incidental or consequential damages.
4. All claims relating to quality, condition or performance of the powder coat shall be waived unless made by the customer in writing to Source Furniture within the applicable Powder Coating Warranty period, and within thirty (30) days after the customer is informed or becomes aware of a defect in the coating; Source Furniture must be given a reasonable and prompt opportunity to inspect said defect.
6. The Powder Coating Warranty is extended solely to the customer. It is nontransferable and non-assignable, and the customer shall not permit or authorize their employees, agents, representatives or the customer to claim, represent or imply that the Powder Coating Warranty extends or is available to anyone other than the customer.
7. This warranty does not include any pieces of a chaise that are compromised, i.e, foot caps, slings, or consumable.
8. In the event of a material breach by the customer of any of the conditions of this Agreement, Source Furniture shall have no other liability for any failure claims.
9. Source Furniture reserves the right to terminate the warranty at any time upon sixty (60) days prior notice, except with respect to any which already has been shipped to the customer prior to the giving of such notice.
10. All notices and claims given under or pursuant to this warranty shall be in writing and sent by certified or registered mail, postage prepaid, return receipt requested
11. Source Furniture and the customer agree that this warranty does not constitute an obligation of any kind whatsoever on the part of the customer to purchase any of the finished product from Source Furniture; but rather, it provides the governing terms and conditions as to the parties’ respective liabilities and rights if, and when, any such purchases/sales of any of the products finished with metal occur.
12. No terms or conditions other than those stated herein, and no warranty or understanding, in any way purporting to modify this warranty shall be binding upon a party unless made in writing, and expressly refers to this warranty and is signed by that party’s authorized representative. This warranty supersedes and cancels any prior representations, warranties and agreements relating to the subject matters of this warranty.
13. This warranty is made under Florida law (without giving effect to the conflict of law principles thereof) and the local laws of Florida shall apply to the construction, enforcement and interpretation of this warranty.
Please contact your Source Furniture representative at 1.844.366.8464 with any questions regarding the warranty, or if you would like additional information on proper product care and maintenance.

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