For Everything Under the Sun
11 May

Google+ is very difficult to describe as it continues to evolve. Some might describe it as Google’s social network. Others describe it as Google’s attempt to provide “identity” on the web. Still others describe it as Google’s evolving backbone. 

Either way, Google+ has a lot to offer Source Outdoor for professional collaboration and ongoing learning, and Google Apps cannot be fully functional for end users unless you take a few moments to set-up your Google+ account. 

Google+ is a great resource that, together, Source Outdoor staff members will be able to use and explore moving forward. For this transitional period, it’s just important to set it up from the start. 


Please note: This past week, at Google’s major annual developer conference (Google I/O), Google announced new Hangout features. 

Setting up Google+ 

1. Join Google+-While signed in to Google Apps (i.e., in Mail, Calendar, Drive, etc.), click on your email address in the upper-right corner of the browser. A new window will pop up as pictured below. In that window, click on the blue “Join Google+” button. 

2. Basic Profile Questions-After you have clicked that button, you will be asked to answer some simple questions, such as your birthday and your gender. At the bottom of the screen, click the blue “Upgrade” button after you have answered those questions. 

3. Circles-Next, you will be asked to put people you know in “Circles”. Circles in Google+ allow you to share different things with different people. Individuals can put one person in to multiple Circles. You will likely want to create a circle called “Associates” or circle people you know by vertical (i.e., a “Re-Seller/Dealer” circle) or business-type (i.e., a “Purchasing Co” circle). 

4. Notifications-Finally, once you are in Google+, Google’s powerful Notifications system can begin to work for you. Notifications will appear in a red square near the top right corner of the browser. 

When you click on that red square, the notifications will appear over the content of the browser window as pictured below. (Bob had 4 notifications and those are shown below, fully expanded.) 

5. Profile Picture-Finally, and this really is important, please do use a professional picture in your Google+ profile. This will follow you throughout the Google-world on the Internet, both within Source Outdoor and beyond. It is really an important piece of our online identity as we collaborate online with others.