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15 May

Google+ Profile Pictures
Google+ provides a wonderful network for associates to engage with other associates, share, and learn. Within Google+, associates can engage with their colleagues at work, across the country, and even around the world. Part of living in the world online is representing oneself in that space. Like many sites, Google+ uses a profile picture, and this picture consistently serves as a user’s picture throughout Google Apps. For your Source Outdoor Google Apps account, the Google+ profile picture should simply include a photo of your face or face and torso. The idea is to represent oneself professionally as a Source Outdoor staff member. Your children, pets, hobbies, or favorite baseball cap should not be included in this picture. At the same time, smile, get a nice background, or just use the webcam on your laptop and get your picture uploaded if you have not already done so! Click here for more information on setting up Google+. 

Gmail Signature 
At this time, Source Outdoor is going to standardize the information that employees are expected to put in their email signatures. This is necessary to ensure that: 

  • Email signatures contain the necessary contact information for other staff members, clients, vendors, and those that contact us via email know who we are and what we do within Source Outdoor
  • Email signatures no longer contain individual statements of company policies or practices made by individual employees (e.g., “confidentiality statements” should not be included)
  • Email signatures do not contain quotations or other “position statements” made by individual employees since we are both a private organization and our email signatures are not an open forum
  • Email signatures do not contain images, which unnecessarily use space in the email inboxes of recipients, which are typically limited in size–even in Google Apps!

Email signatures should include the following items: 

  • Name, Position
  • Telephone number (Typically, the main phone number plus your extension but you may add your mobile phone number. Please use “.” not “-” to separate the portions of the telephone number.)
  • The full URL (website address) of our website

Gmail Signature Example 1–With mobile phone number
Note: Click image to use Sample1 signature

Gmail Signature Example 2–Without mobile phone number
Note: Click image to use Sample2 signature

Directions for setting up your Gmail signature 

1. First, click on the “gear” button on the right side of Gmail when you are in your Inbox as pictured below. 

2. In the General tab of the Gmail settings, scroll down until you find the signature settings. Once there, you can enter your signature by using one of the sample signatures above. (Click the image, Ctrl + A to select all, Ctrl + C to copy, Ctrl + V to paste into signature field)

3. Finally, after you have entered your signature, be sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and click the “Save Changes” button as pictured below.