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5 Facts For Picking The Perfect Weather Resistant Fabrics.

03 Jul

High quality outdoor fabric is extremely important when it comes to protecting your outdoor furniture from the summer’s natural elements in order to maximize its duration. Aside from their protective quality and aesthetics, weather resistant fabrics have a lot more to offer than you might realize. Knowing the extra benefits of furnishing your outdoor space with weather resistant fabrics make them an even more beneficial buy for any pool, patio, deck or beachside setting.

1)   Weather Resistant: Although this is stated in the title, you might not know just how resilient these textiles can be! Sunbrella fabric, for example, is treated with a fluorocarbon finish to enhance water repellency so that  SO-111-01-blue-striped-5 your furniture’s fabric is impermeable. It also packs a double punch with a stain-resistant finish, making it able to resist soil and any other elements that might cause discoloring. To maintain the fabric’s vibrancy the fibers are also deeply penetrated with saturating dyes that protect against UV rays.


2)   Extra UV Protection: Sunbrella fabric is much more than just a stylish design piece for your backyard—it can actually help protect whoever is lounging on it from skin related UV damage. The Skin Cancer Foundation, the leading international organization dedicated to skin cancer prevention, grants the Sunbrella fabric with the “Seal of Recommendation” because of its high UV rating.  Sunbrella fabric has been proven to provide up to 98% protection from the sun’s harmful rays when used in shade applications.


3)   Easy to Clean: An easy-to-clean fabric like Sunbrella helps you maintain your furniture piece properly, keeping it vibrant and spot-free. The quick maintenance sessions that are necessary to properly care for Sunbrella products allow the owner to avoid deep, vigorous cleanings that might be required of furnishing options that are not as naturally weather resistant.  Weather resistant fabrics only need to have the loose dirt brushed off and a quick monthly rinse of the fabric with mild soap; it will then rapidly air dry for immediate use!aluminum-lounge-chairs_south-beach1_env


4) Stylish Color and Pattern Availability: With such extensive durability properties protecting against the elements you might think that weather resistant fabrics are only available in drab dark shades, when in fact there are limitless options! Source Outdoor can customize furniture pieces into almost any eye-catching color. like the crisp white and bright fuchsia geometric pattern printed on the South Beach chair pictured right. Fabrics are also available in vibrant custom colors ranging from sleek dark tones, to shades of radiant white, which provide the same resistance as even the darkest of colors.

5)   Long Lasting: Overall, your outdoor furniture will be protected from harsh climates, and constant usage. With it’s 100% solution-dyed treatment, the fabric’s color will last and remain vibrant. Sunbrella fabric’s easy maintenance promotes its longevity giving you durable, trustworthy outdoor décor that can be enjoyed for years.

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