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2014 Top Trending Fabric Colors and Patterns For Outdoor Furniture.

05 Aug

Here at Source Outdoor we’re constantly looking to bring flair, color and pattern to our collection of  modern outdoor furniture. Taking cues from the fashion world, we enjoy mixing eye-catching patterns with interior design trends to customize the fabric we use on new products. Here are just a few of our favorites:aluminum-lounge-chairs_south-beach4_env

Black & White

This classic combination is always a favorite when it comes to both the fashion and design industries. The timeless mix never seems to fail to create an effortlessly elegant space. Fashion designers and interior designers alike have begun to opt for softer tones of the two colors in order to make the contrast less extreme and more appealing to the eye.



The floral trend is officially in full bloom in both the fashion and interior design markets. The addition of florals allows any space to instantly feel softer and more welcoming, just as incorporating florals into one’s wardrobe makes it less rough and edgy. This trend is popping up everywhere and Source Outdoor has the perfect floral fabrics for your space!




There is no doubting that shades of blue are definitely big for 2014. When translating the royal, pale, and pastel hues of blue this year the most important thing to remember is to not be shy about mixing different shades! The pairing of multiple shades allows the color to hold its attention grabbing qualities, while not becoming too overwhelming for the eye.


Hint oaluminum-lounge-chairs_south-beach1_envf Pink

Incorporating a touch of a bright color, such as pink, immediately adds a fresh pizzazz to any space. This pop of color can break up more monotone interiors without becoming too overwhelming, especially when used on furniture rather than covering entire walls. There hasn’t been quite a resurgence of pink in interior design, as there seems to be now. Sure the 80’s brought us dusty rose, but not the clear pink we’re seeing now. 



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