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Source Outdoor Furniture Delivers On Kim Granatell’s Backyard Escape.

16 Apr


Perhaps you spotted us in the March issue of Landscape Contractor Magazine starting on page 38, as some of our products were featured at a beautiful, Bergen County, New Jersey estate. The homeowner, Kim Granatell of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” fame, had plenty of outdoor space to work with but was concerned that the improvements she envisioned might make the vast expanse too grandiose and impersonal. She was determined to create a space that felt truly intimate.

“This was a renovation project,” Granatell reveals. “I did have a pool and fire pit, but that was it, so it’s very different now. I changed it because I never liked it from day one and I always knew I was going to change it.”To make her desire a reality, Granatell & Ryder Landscaping Design of Unionville, N.Y.  updated her outdoor living space with new Techo-Bloc masonry, a renovated landscape design, and of course, a furniture update!

Paired with custom, whimsical green cushions, our aluminum-framed, wicker pieces bring a splash of color to the earthy slate and are durable to withstand inclement weather. If you like this look, give us a call at 1-800-260-4512 for more information about our Circa Collection, Manhattan Collection, and St. Tropez Dining Series all featured in Kim’s backyard!

Image Credit : Techo-Bloc

Additional Source Credit : Vanessa Angell – Techo-Bloc