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17 Sep

Commercial Patio Furniture

Commercial patio furniture can incorporate the comfort and style found in home patio furniture. Applying the open design principles that have become popular in many workplaces helps achieve this. Plants and wall accessories in a break area add to the relaxing atmosphere that can rejuvenate employees when they return to work.

Workplace experts say companies can save money on furnishings when they have office layouts that remove barriers between desks. In the same way, investing in well-designed patio dining sets creates an enjoyable atmosphere for employees. It may result in more productivity after they’ve enjoyed a comfortable break or lunch.

Using open design often saves money for a business by fitting more people into less space, and it can also save energy by allowing natural light to stream throughout the work areas.

According to Knoll Workplace Research, more than 60 percent of the companies throughout North America have installed workstations to replace traditional office furniture.

Open design offices also require better control of sound. By choosing carpeting, workstation dividers and ceiling materials that absorb sound, there’s less interference with workers’ concentration, the website states.