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20 Sep

Urban Patios

The narrow backyards between urban townhouses may seem limited in what they provide their owners in an outdoor living space. But with some ingenuity and a savvy selection of patio furniture, city dwellers can have all the perks of an outdoor room. The design schemes within these tight quarters can offer guidance to others who have small patios or gardens.

For instance, suggests placing a bench up against a wall or fence that can be used as seating for an al fresco meal for visitors but also serve as an outdoor daybed on a daily basis.

Tight Space

To free up space, decorative items, plants and candles can be displayed on a series of high shelves attached to the barrier walls or fences between properties. Outdoor lighting can be installed there as well.

One such patio on Boston’s Beacon Hill featured in The Boston Globe showed how a 10-by-17-foot outdoor space was transformed from everyday use to fit a patio dining set for entertaining. When it’s not in use, a small round table is hidden under a table set for eight. Ottomans used for seats during the party are used as side tables at other times.