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19 Sep

Art Deco Style

For homeowners who love furnishings that were popular in the 1920s, Art Deco style is for them. They can outfit their casual outdoor spaces with hints of sophistication that characterize this look. Sleek metallic finishes, for instance, dovetail nicely with modern patio furniture.

To offset comfort zones with outdoor chaise lounges and eating areas with patio dining sets, homeowners can add Art Deco touches with lighting fixtures made of bronze, wrought iron or chrome. Lamp bases from the era featured both curvy and geometric shapes, and the shades were often made of white, frosted or colored glass.

Chair cushions can be covered in zigzag and step patterns, sweeping curves and sunburst shapes that were popular in the 1920s. Black and white accented with metallics is a timeless combo for this type of design, and will coordinate with any hue.


The style influenced both architecture as well as interior design. Two New York City landmarks – the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building – are well-known examples of Art Deco architecture.

That influence continues today in commercial patio furniture. “The fascination with Art Deco never seems to go away,” states “So many of today’s hotels, nightclubs and restaurants are being infused with an Art Deco aesthetic.”